Spoils of Akron Podcast


Episode 121- Our Skates are Laced: A Visit with Akron Roller Derby

June 6, 2018

Roller derby is a full contact sport, but the athletes are much more than their tough exteriors depict. Envision football on roller skates, says Kiwi, one of the athletes for Akron Roller Derby, which will play its next bout Saturday, June 16, at the Summit County Fairgrounds. This week, we speak with a number of athletes from the team and learn about the stories behind their roller derby monikers, along with what they do when they’re not skating. The team is a “mega-team” comprising former members of NEO Roller Derby and the Rubber City Rollergirls. Roller derby skaters must pass a number of tests to join the team, one being 27 laps around the track in five minutes (which is more challenging than it sounds). Plus, they’re some of the hardest working athletes in the area. For info, visit www.akronrollerderby.net.