Spoils of Akron Podcast


Episode 120 - Akron Adventures: Tales from a Mystery Kidcast

May 1, 2018

Akron Adventures is a mystery podcast for young listeners that’s inspired by real Akron events. This week, we’re happy to welcome Julie Drew and Casey Shevlin, two of the three women behind this new podcast, with a team that comprises writers and educators who pull from a host of experience, including children’s literature, storytelling, film and production. Julie and Casey discuss this compelling form of serial storytelling that involves written scripts, actors and sound effects and hearkens back to radio plays of the past. They also talk about their affinity for Akron, a “right-sized city” for creative work such as theirs. The first season of the podcast is based on a mystery surrounding the graves at Akron’s Schneider Park, which was once the site of the Summit County Infirmary (or poor house). You can listen to Akron Adventures through iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud (and anywhere else you hear podcasts). For info, visit https://www.snowdayproductions.com.