Spoils of Akron Podcast


Episode 102 - Peace is an Active Process: Zach Freidhof

September 19, 2017

Zach Freidhof wears many hats: artist, songwriter, community organizer, peace activist, sustainability champion. But all of these interests converge when it comes to helping to build peaceful communities. Zach visits Cody and Chris to talk about Akron Peace Month, a whole month’s worth of workshops, concerts, yoga summits, community art installations and more, culminating with the area’s first “Hands On Sustainability” conference. Along with being a well-known musician and songwriter, Zach is part of the Big Love Network and Akron City Repair, which work to empower neighborhood leaders to be a more active part of their communities. For more about his music, visit zachmusic.net. For a full schedule of Peace Month activities, visit www.akronpeace.love. 

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