Spoils of Akron Podcast


Episode 101 - We’re Not Making This Up: It’s Danny Volk

August 29, 2017

This week, Shane, Cody and Chris welcome Danny Volk, whose YouTube series puts a unique spin on the traditional interview scenario. During each episode of “Made-Up with Danny Volk” the artist applies makeup to Danny during the interview, offering his face as a canvas of sorts and helping to lower the artist’s inhibitions (and removing the usual personal space of two people talking). For his new season, “Made-Up with Danny Volk: The Akron Sessions,” Danny's returning to his hometown of Akron (from his current home in Chicago) to interview artists like Kate Budd, Elisa Gargarella and Kathryn Shinko, along with the current roster of Akron Soul Train artist fellows. This season also will weave a biofictional element into the web series. You can find the episodes at https://www.youtube.com/user/MUwDV, or on his website (http://www.madeupwithdannyvolk.com/), along with social media.